What’s going to happen with K12 education?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Schools, Districts and companies selling to them have questions, and forebodings. What’s important to look at are facts before the national quarantines started to tank the economy. These tell the trajectory that was already happening. We’ll list those below the early predictions.

Once those are understood, then add the three other events, which are 1) the behavior of parents during the quarantine weeks finding digital learning at an unprecedented level, with consumer Apps, sites, and switching to online schools, and school-led remote learning, 2) the economic aftermath, and 3) the probable behavior of districts who think only with methods of the past for cutting budgets, doing layoffs and consolidating or eliminating schools and programs. This is because true hybrid and uberized learning that dramatically shifts the structuring of human teaching and the use of physical spaces, is in its infancy and despite the monumental cost savings it would bring, far too few even understand it.

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LeiLani Cauthen is an everyday philosopher, author, speaker, research analyst and futurist. As CEO and Publisher of the Learning Counsel, a research and news media hub for K12 education, she produces leadership training events in twenty-five U.S. cities annually plus virtual discussion internet seminars. She is also the Founder of Knowstory, a new social media site just for education and the GrandMaster of the Edujedi Leadership Society.