Services Overview

California's School Facility Service Leader

At EH&A, we turn our decades of experience working in district administration and management into facility services to benefit your district and team. Our personalized business support services enhance the quality of teaching and learning environments and will increase the internal capacity of your K-12 district operations.

Having a solid plan in place is the only way to reach your long-term vision and goals, and we want to see your district thrive. Our variety of services can be personalized to make the most of your strengths and give you an extra layer of support where you need it. We focus on five distinct service areas:


Master Plans, Asset and Property Management, Capacity Analysis, Demographic/Enrollment Study



Architect and Contractor Selection, Program/Project Management, On-site Expertise


Fiscal Services

State School Facility Programs, Budget Evaluation and Analysis, Local Funding Resources



Management/Organization Studies, Leadership Development, Staff Support


Human Resources

Classification & Compensation Consulting, Performance Management


We work alongside your team to make the most of your resources and give your students, community, staff, and district a healthy and hopeful future.

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