Mono County Office of Education

“For the past year, the Mono County Office of Education has been working with EH&A (a division of MGT). We have greatly benefited from this relationship. EH&A has provided us with experts in the areas of Business Services and Human Resources, who have guided us through some tumultuous times. The knowledgeable consultants who have been assigned to us have become almost like family and we have all learned so much from their expertise. I would strongly recommend EH&A to any educational agency in need of assistance without hesitation.”

~ Stacey Adler, Ph.D. – Superintendent of Schools

Orange Unified School District

“I have had a long-standing working relationship with EH&A since 2008. Through my personal experiences, I have found EH&A to be content experts in many facets of school operations. I can best describe Eric Hall and his team to be seasoned and consummate professionals with a servant minded philosophy. As a result of my close collaboration with Eric, when called upon, EH&A has been instrumental in assisting me successfully completing projects necessary to support the goals and objectives of the Governing Board.”

~ David A. Rivera – Assistant Superintendent, Business Services/CBO

Whittier Union High School District

“EH&A has the technical knowledge and experience that allows them to provide guidance and support to meet the level of need and comfort of their customer. Between Bob and Barry, they provide fresh perspectives and realistic solutions to the complex issues that are involved in capital projects. The customer service of the EH&A team is beyond reproach and I look forward to a continued partnership with them in the future.”

~ Steven Rodriguez – Director of Business Operations

Whittier City School District

“EH&A is a valuable resource and retains associates that have immense knowledge and expertise in all areas pertaining to school business. They are our partners and one of our greatest resources that we depend on for professional consultation and technical expertise.”

~ Raquel Gasporra, Ed.D. – Assistant Superintendent Business Services

Cucamonga School District

“Working as a CBO for a small school district, I wear many hats; one of those reads “facilities director.” I know how important it is to have the right team on my side to help me navigate the facility waters. Over the past four years, Eric Hall and Melinda Pure have served as my facilities experts. Together we have successfully negotiated a community facilities district with a local developer, competitively selected a pool of architects and a construction manager, and worked with OPSC on our eligibility for state facility dollars for various projects. Next up…districtwide master plan. EH&A has been instrumental and indispensable in our many “wins” at Cucamonga School District.”

~ Rick Jensen – Former Assistant Superintendent Business Services

South Bay Union School District

“For more than a decade, we have partnered with EH&A for facility planning, construction management, and business support services. They have provided our District with an effective facility planning strategy that includes options for growth, asset management, reporting compliance, and financial accounting. From architect/contractor selection to project management, they provide support throughout the process and ensure that construction is efficiently planned, proceeds on schedule, remains within budget, and is completed on time.”

~ Dr. Katie McNamara, Ed.D. – Former District Superintendent

Ridgecrest Charter School

“As a small school with limited resources, EH&A has provided us with expertise we could not afford on our own. EH&A has been with us throughout our facilities improvement projects. Sandy, Chris, Bob, and Eric have brought their experiences and knowledge of school construction and financing to our team. They are experts in school construction and financing…”

~ Steve Martinez – Former Executive Director

Bassett Unified School District

“Without a doubt, my staff and I have enjoyed working with EH&A. Their extensive knowledge, depth, leadership, and keen detail in the budget building process enabled our district to develop a solid multi-year budget in a substantially truncated time-frame with limited people resources. We were very pleased with their support and effectiveness during the entire process. It is without question that EH&A is our go to support group for business services assistance.”

~ Dr. Antoine Hawkins – Former Assistant Superintendent/CBO

La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools

“Trust is critical when deciding to partner with a consultant on business and facilities projects in public schools. I work with EH&A because I trust their knowledge, experience, and integrity. Eric and his team have proven, time and time again, to be an invaluable resource.”

~ David Feliciano – Superintendent

Anaheim Elementary School District

“I have worked with EH&A for most of my 13 years as a Superintendent. I have turned to Eric and his team for competent, sage, and sound help on myriad issues related to the business office, including facilities, maintenance, transportation and operations. The professionals at EH&A all have many years of experience in work directly related to these areas.

Eric Hall and his team are extremely politically astute. I have asked them to come in and assist in the facilitation of meetings that could lead to such volatile conversations as possible school closure, boundary shifts, attendance declines and budget cuts. I have had them carry some politically charged discussions, and they have completed this work with great skill, knowledge, politeness, and integrity. As consummate professionals, they are always prepared and speak with diplomacy with board members, staff members, parents, and students alike.

When shorthanded in the business or facilities departments, I have contracted with EH&A to provide professionals to step in to hard-to-fill roles. When my team needs coaching or mentoring, Eric Hall is the first person I call to assist in this way. His team helps us to build capacity by providing us with mentors that well know the areas in which we need help.

I cannot recommend this firm more highly. They are outstanding!”

~ Dr. Linda Wagner – Former Superintendent

Castaic Union School District

“Eric and Tina have been a huge help in working with the district to resolve several complex facilities challenges. Additionally, they have been instrumental in assisting us with obtaining district friendly mitigation agreements. The depth of knowledge that the EH&A staff possesses is extremely beneficial to us as a smaller district!”

~ Steve Doyle – Superintendent

Whittier City School District

“EH&A has been extremely valuable partners with the Whittier City School District. We have found their expertise in facility planning, financial support, and solar acquisition to be extremely professional and provided technical assistance that was beyond our internal capacity. We are proud to have them as partners.”

~ Dr. Ron Carruth – Former Superintendent

Whittier Union High School District

“Bob Nicholson and Melinda Pure have been providing exceptional support to our Facilities Department team for the past several years. They are experienced and well-versed at sharing their expertise, knowledge, and practical insight that are necessary to navigate the ever changing world of facilities related issues in California. I truly appreciate the partnership we’ve developed, and I’m grateful they’re only a phone call away.”

~ Bob Whittenberg – Director of Business Operations

Coronado Unified School District

“For my work in Coronado Unified, I found the team from EH&A to be extremely knowledgeable and effective. Whether I needed their help with construction management, DSA closeouts, Prop. 39 energy work or general facilities advice, EH&A demonstrated time and again that they were a trusted partner. I would be happy to use their services again.”

~ Dr. Keith Butler – Former Associate Superintendent

South Bay Union School District

“I have been a client of EH&A for many years in this District and my previous District. I must say the level of professionalism and services of this consulting firm has been great and the consultants have guided the District on many facility and funding issues. It is all credited to the knowledgeable staff and their many years of experience in school financing and facilities matters. I’m very pleased and satisfied with their works and the professionalism on how they handle many issues and challenges.”

~ Abdollah Saadat – Former Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Baldwin Park Unified School District

“EH&A has provided the Baldwin Park Unified School District with superior services and advice in the area of OPSC financial audits and DSA close outs. EH&A has always been responsive to our needs and provides sound and prudent answers to all of our questions or concerns. Based on EH&A, work the District will be in a position to develop a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan and possibly pursue a future bond election to finance our construction and modernization needs.”

~ Tom Ancell – Former Assistant Superintendent, Business and Operations

Vista Unified School District

“We have worked with EH&A for a number of years in the Vista Unified School District and they have been an invaluable resource to assist with numerous projects and plans. We can count on their team to deliver high-quality, efficient support that improves our ability to serve students and the community. We strive for excellence and innovation in our District and we know that we can expect the same commitment and dedication from EH&A.”

~ Devin Vodicka – Former Superintendent

Eastside Union School District

“Last November, we had significant issues with our budget and related processes. We were almost at a point of County/State intervention. Luckily, I was referred to EH&A by a colleague in a neighboring district. Contracting EH&A was one of the best decisions that I ever made as a superintendent. EH&A is extremely professional and knowledgeable in what they do. Their entire fiscal review process was smooth from start to finish. It was well worth the investment to have this time-intensive process handled by EH&A’s professional team. Our district is well on the way to fiscal recovery and health because of it!”

~ Mark E. Marshall – Former Superintendent

Whittier City School District

“There have been several people that have changed the direction that my life was going and Eric is one of those pivotal people. I had been a principal in the Charter Oak USD for several years before I was pushed into playing a role in contentious negotiations. One thing lead to another and our negotiations consultant recommended that I become a CBO and work with the interim Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Eric Hall. This was the beginning of a mentoring relationship that started in 2005.

He helped me develop the skills, understanding, and expertise to cross over from the instruction side of the house to the business side. When I first became a CFO I called him weekly and talked about what I was doing. Next I became a CBO in Whittier and I continued to call Eric about what I was doing, planning, and what I needed to get ready for. Many Fridays I called Eric and chatted with him for an hour or more. When he was on one of his long drives, he would call me to go over whatever I was working on. During the first 3 years of my new career, Eric invested hours every week working with me. Over the last 6 years we talk a few times each month, and every conversation is just as meaningful to me now as they were when I was first talking to him in his office back in Charter Oak.

Over the years Eric has continued to amaze me with his breadth and depth of knowledge in every area that a CBO could possibly work. His experience crosses the state geographically and his relationships go deep into what I believe what must be every district in the state. Eric has the respect of everyone that he comes in contact with because he has character, integrity, and great intelligence. Following Eric’s advice has been easy because it has always been spot on with good solutions to problem solving. His ability to mentor by listening, instructing, leading, and directing me, has provided me with the best education anyone could hope to get to become a CBO. I am so honored that he saw something in me and that he was willing to give me a precious gift of his time and friendship. There is no doubt that the recent recognition that I have received was because of him.”

~ Jon McNeil – Assistant Superintendent

Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union School District

“As a Superintendent of a small district, I needed help when my CBO left unexpectedly. EH&A was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and able to provide me with quality information to make the hard decisions in difficult fiscal times. The information received was well worth the contract price for their service. There will be no hesitation on who I would contact with further fiscal help – EH&A.”

~ Diane Parkins – Former Superintendent

El Monte Union School District

“EH&A was invaluable in providing fiscal guidance and oversight through our District Assistance Intervention (DAIT). Their contribution and expertise has been a major reason we were able to erase a nearly 11$ million structural deficit through stabilization plans in consecutive years. In addition, they were essential in helping to establish systems for financial communications, enrollment, staffing, and attendance. Coming into the district there were many challenges and without their help, I do not think we would have successfully met those challenges.”

~ Ryan DiGiulio – Chief Business Official

Santee School District

“EH&A provided exceptional service and results to the Santee School District. Beginning with our facilities needs analysis, Eric prepared a capacity study pointing the way to millions of new dollars in state eligibility we would not have discovered on our own. Eric took this information to our developer community and negotiated an increase of approximately $15 million in new developer fees we did not expect to realize. Through his efforts, we expanded the scope of our construction program to include badly needed new facilities and modernization improvements. We strongly recommend his services.”

~ Bill Clark – Former Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

San Ysidro School District

“Eric delivers results. His depth of experience, keen insight, and ability to foster trust with all parties has been instrumental in helping us save millions of dollars on our Elementary School reconstruction project. The challenge of keeping a complex facilities program on target and on budget is made easier for me with the guidance and expertise he provides.”

~ Karl Christensen – Former Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Charter Oak Unified School District

“EH&A was instrumental in our Real Property Advisory Committee and exploring numerous options in the utilization and development of surplus property. During these tough economic times it was imperative for us to look at revenue generating options and to develop a common vision for our asset management. Mr. Hall’s expertise as a Chief Business Official helped us explore finance options we did not believe we possible.”

~ Dr. Clint Harwick – Former Superintendent

Encinitas Union School District

“It has been a pleasure working with Eric Hall and Bob Nicholson during the 7-11 process. Their knowledge about the rules and regulations and their leadership resulted for a swift and focus process. The District was very pleased with the direction and cost effectiveness of the process.”

~ Abby Saadat – Former Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

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