Providing Expert Insight and Sustainable Success

EH&A (Eric Hall & Associates) began in 2006 with the goal of providing expert insight and sustainable success to our clients and their school districts. Our president and founder, Eric Hall, applied more than 32 years of experience at the district administrative level to make EH&A an ally in helping districts discover their best way forward.

We specialize in a school facility services through planning, construction, fiscal services and communication.

In addition to our expert facility services, we help you increase the internal capacity of your K-12 district operations by providing personalized business support services that enhance the quality of teaching and learning environments. Besides offering support, we provide our clients with district budget review, interim reports, fiscal analysis, budget support, systemic improvement, management/organization studies, effective communication, and increasing internal capacity of all operations.

Our team understands the internal dynamics and challenges facing district leaders. With our rich and colorful experiences, we can adapt to any situation you face as a district and become exactly what you need us to be. Whether we take a back seat or perform on center stage, we play the necessary role that fits your unique context.

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