Taking the Initiative on the Need for a State School Bond

By Eric Hall

Proposition 1D, a $7.3B State Bonds measure was passed by the voters in 2006 and was the last State wide bond measure to be placed on the ballot. With the exception of some funds remaining from prior State bond measures, schools have planned, funded and constructed facilities with only local resources with no help from the State on their obligation to provide their match. Consequently, a backlog in funding of approved and acknowledged projects at the SAB is in the $2.5 B range and State-wide needs have been estimated to be a much as $12B. The State funding under SB 50 and the deficit of State funds has been well addressed and articulated by many organizations with CASH at the forefront. Several reports and research studies have been published and the Center for Cities and Schools at UC Berkeley has taken a leadership role in facilitating the policy discussion and published, “Going it Alone, Can California School Districts Adequately and Equitably Fund School Facilities.”
Californians for Quality Schools was created by CASH and CBIA to successfully place a bond on the ballot and effort to raise funds is underway. In November, voters will have opportunity to decide on proving funding for school facilities on the Kindergarten through Community Colleges State Public Education Facilities Bond of 2016.
For more information on this bond initiative, please contact Eric Hall at (760)-602-9352or at eric@ehanda.com.