State Allocation Board Summary for May

State Allocation Board Summary for May 23rd

In her Executive Officer statement, Lisa Silverman, SAB Executive Officer, gave the following updates:
Priority Funding Apportionments– In regards to the March 21 meeting, the Board approved 90 projects representing 63 school districts for $191 million in priority funding apportionments. Of the 90 projects, 74 projects are required to submit the Fund Release Authorization by Tuesday June 19. Ms. Silverman also stated that OPSC has received 31 out of 74 of the required forms for a total of $64.9 million.
Upcoming Priority Funding Filing– The next priority funding filing period began on May 9 and will close on June 7. Priority funding requests with original signatures must be physically received by OPSC before the close of business on June 7. The requests are valid from July 1 through December 31, 2018.

Before the Board moved to hear appeals, Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell requested that the Board agendize a discussion on Construction Cost Index (CCI) adjustments for a future meeting. Assembly Member O’Donnell requested that it include statute, legal implications, and past practice. The Board agreed to agendize the discussion.

Appeals– The Board heard and APPROVED the following appeals:

  • Muroc Joint Unified (Kern County) – request to receive expedited unfunded approval for the Baily modernization project, and approval of the Seismic Mitigation Program project.
  • Mountain Valley (Trinity County) – application for Facility Hardship funding.

Action Items

CTEFP Unfunded Approvals– The SAB provided $125 million for the fourth funding cycle of the SFP CTEFP, which will fund 73 projects totaling $124.5 million for placement on the Unfunded List (Lack of AB55 Loan) for CTEFP grants. Proposition 51 provided the CTEFP $500 million in bond authority.

School Facility Program Approvals and Workload List– Amounts as of May 23 (workload list does not include facility hardship projects):

SFP Approvals

  • New Construction $14,250,485
  • Modernization $15,977,505
  • Charter $ 6,476,405
  • Total $36,704,395

Workload List

  • New Construction $2.19 Billion
  • Modernization $1.41 Billion
  • Total $3.6 Billion


The next State Allocation Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday June 27, 2018 at 4:00 pm.