Opinion: CA still lacks school-spending transparency

Clear insight into what is happening with LCFF funding can only be obtained through extraordinary efforts reports Bruce Fuller, professor of education and public policy at UC Berkeley, on the Los Angeles Unified School District and Marguerite Roza, director of the Edunomics Lab and a research professor at Georgetown University, on eight California school districts.

These two researchers found that the results are mixed on whether additional LCFF funding intended for vulnerable student populations is getting to their schools and actually resulting in increased and improved services.

The question of how the LCFF money is spent cannot be answered, or at least not accessed easily and quickly by the public as the state law intended. This is also despite federal law requiring school districts to track funding from one year to the next and make comparisons across school districts. Now that there is a willingness to seriously tackle this problem and ensure transparency in K-12 schools, we have to make sure to get it right.

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