Funding Opportunity

Massive Funding Opportunity Available for School Districts That Act Quickly Proposition 51 has passed; are you ready? For years Eric Hall & Associates has helped California school districts receive millions of dollars from matching construction program funds. Now because of the passage of Proposition 51, your district may be eligible for some of the new $9 billion committed for new buildings, remodeling, and upgrades to schools, charter schools, vocational education facilities, and community colleges. EH&A stands ready to put your district in the front of the line.

A safe, secure, and modern learning environment can be a powerful foundation for a child’s education. Your aging schools need critical upgrades to meet current health and safety standards, as well as increase the learning effectively. Chronic underfunding from the state may have left your district’s school sites unable to adequately address a student’s needs. EH&A can help stop the increasing danger of greater disparity among your schools as a result of this underfunding.

Proposition 51 could provide your district with much needed funding for new school construction and modernization projects through the School Facility Program (SFP). New school construction projects are funded on a 50/50 state and local matching basis under the program while modernization projects are funded on a 60/40 basis. EH&A’s skilled and experienced Associates can quickly place your district in line for these new funds, while also beginning the planning process for your next building or renovation program.

Massive Funding Opportunity- Are You Ready for Prop 51?

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