In pandemic’s wake, CA needs to rethink system of support for schools

The opinions in this commentary are those of the author Daniel C. Humphrey who is a member of the Local Control Funding Formula Research Collaborative at Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE).

When the coronavirus emergency abates, what happens to California’s disrupted education system and how might policymakers respond now?  The double blow of fewer resources and greater needs promises a perfect storm for education in California after the pandemic. Four things are certain:

  • California faces a serious decline in the tax revenue that education relies upon.
  • School closures will adversely affect the academic and social and emotional well-being of all students.
  • The pandemic lays bare the inequities of educational opportunities for children most in need.
  • Educators will need help to address the academic losses and social/emotional needs of their students now and when schools re-open.

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