Government Accounting Office Report on School Facilities, Infrastructure, Rebuild America’s Schools Act

Californians for School Facilities (CSF) recently offered its members a link to the Government Accounting Office’s (GAO) new report that estimates more than half of America’s public school districts are in need of significant repairs to their school facilities. According to the report, 54% of school districts across the country must replace or update major systems in more than half their buildings.

Click here to view the GAO Report on School Facilities

Click here to view The House Education and Labor Committee Press Release on the GAO Report

The GAO Report found that HVAC systems were most frequently in need of repair, raising concerns about the safety of school facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The GAO Report estimates that 4 in 10 districts need to update or replace HVAC systems in at least half of their school buildings, which GAO projects to affect 36,000 school buildings nationwide.

CSF is a coalition of California school districts and business groups advocating for federal assistance for school construction. CSF was formed in 1998 to advocate for federal funding for school facilities and to educate Congress and the Administration regarding the importance of clean, safe and modern schools to benefit student academic performance and the workforce of tomorrow.

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