CASH Workshops to prepare for DSA electronic plan called Bluebeam

The primary purpose of April’s workshop is to prepare CASH Members for the use of software essential in electronic plan submittal to DSA. The State Architect has stated that his goal is to have electronic plan submittal in place by the third quarter of this year.

The CASH April workshop is intended to familiarize our members with the software available, to offer instruction and practice with that software. Attendees are required to bring their laptop or tablet to allow for interactive use during the workshop.

The focus will be the use of Bluebeam and interconnectivity with Box. There will be opportunities to hear and learn from practitioners with expertise including:

  • Architects who use the software in the design process and will use it for project submittal;
  • Construction/project managers who use it to accomplish day to day construction activities; and,
  • School districts that use it to track the project and communicate with all parties involved.

The first workshop is on April 24th at the DoubleTree Hotel Sacramento. The second workshop is on April 27th at the DoubleTree Ontario.

Click here for online registration and more information.