CA schools, child care centers to get $100 million to disinfect for coronavirus

The Legislature hurriedly approved emergency financial relief to help school districts cope with the costs of the coronavirus on March 16th before adjourning for a month to comply with state and federal orders limiting gatherings to stem the spread of the contagion. Legislators also guaranteed full funding during school closures.

Legislators approved an initial $100 million for K-12 districts and child care centers to cover school cleaning expenses and adopted waivers that will ensure funding for school districts and state-funded child care during school closures. In a second bill, they approved spending up to $1 billion on emergency medical costs, including leasing two hospitals, to expand the capacity to respond to the pandemic.

Also, the chairman of the Assembly Education Committee said he would shepherd legislation that would give districts flexibility to meet the state’s minimum instructional time requirements. That has been one of the unresolved issues for districts that have closed schools.

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