Where does your surplus go?

Hopefully, not the landfill. Taxpayers don’t like seeing usable furnishings thrown away, but what do you do with the thousands of pieces of legacy furniture replaced during bond refurbishment projects? Its resale value is almost zero and district warehouses can’t accommodate such high volumes. The only sustainable alternative is charitable donation. That’s where IRN comes in.

Hundreds of US schools have trusted IRN to match their unwanted surplus with charitable recipients around the globe. The cost is less than disposal and the process is simpler. IRN oversees logistics and site management to ensure a smooth project. Reuse is not only good for the environment, but improves the learning experience for children throughout the world.

Founded in 2002, IRN has placed more than 100 million pounds of surplus for reuse by over 150 nonprofit organizations in 65 countries. Visit www.irnreuse.com to learn more.

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