Our Clients

Current Clients

Alpine Union School District: Dr. Richard Newman, Superintendent

Anaheim Elementary School District: Michael Krause, Assistant Superintendent

Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory : Marcos Aguilar, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Apple Valley Unified School District: Matthew Schulenberg, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services

Bassett Unified School District: Debra French, Superintendent

Brawley Elementary School District: Dr. Richard Rundhaug, Superintendent

Cajon Valley Union School District: Scott A. Buxbaum, Assistant Superintendent Business Services

Calexico Unified School District: Cesar L.Vega, Assistant Superintendent Business Services

Capistrano Unified School District: Philippa Townsend, Assistant Superintendent, Fiscal Services

Carlsbad Unified School District: Chris Wright, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Castaic Union School District: Linette Hodson, Chief Business Official

Charter Oak Unified School District: Karyl Brandford, Chief Business Official

Coachella Valley Unified School District, Edwin Gomez, Superintendent

Cucamonga School District: Rick Jensen, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Downey Unified School District: Dr. John A. Garcia, Superintendent

Fallbrook Union High School District: Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez, Superintendent

Fontana Unified School District, Ryan DiGiulio, Associate Superintendent

Julian Charter School: Jennifer Cauzza, Executive Director

Julian Union High School District: Dr. Patrick Hefflin, Superintendent

Julian Union School District: Brian Duffy, Superintendent

La Habra City School District: Joanne Culverhouse, Superintendent

La Mesa Spring Valley School District: David Feliciano, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Lakeside Union School District: Erin Garcia, Assistant Superintendent

Lennox School District: Monique Benjamin, Assistant Superintendent

Little Lake City School District: Manuel Correa, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Mariposa County Unified School District: Jeff Aranguena, Superintendent

Mono County Office of Education: Stacey Adler, Ph.D., Superintendent

Oceanside Unified School District: Shannon Soto, Associate Superintendent, Business Services

Raisin City Elementary School District: Renee Steen, Business Manager

Ramona Unified School District: Dr. Anne Staffieri, Superintendent

Redondo Beach Unified School District: Dr. Annette Alpern, Deputy Supt. Administrative Svcs

Ridgecrest Charter School: Steven Martinez, Executive Director

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District: Melody Canady, Assistant Superintendent

Solana Beach School District: Lisa Davis, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

South Bay Union School District: Janea Marking, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Southwest SELPA: Dr. Ellen Dougherty, Superintendent; Dr. Michael Jason, Director

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District: Todd Rivera, Executive Director, Business Services; Robert J. Leri, Ed.D, Superintendent Chief Learning Officer

Ukiah Unified School District: Steve Barekman, Chief Business Official

Vista Unified School District: Ami Shackelford, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Walnut Valley Unified School District: Diane Perez, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Whittier City School District: Raquel Gasporra, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Whittier Union High School District: Monica Oviedo, Ed. D., Assistant Superintendent

Other Clients

Antelope Valley Schools Transportation Agency: Morris Fuselier, Chief Executive Officer

Baldwin Park Unified School District: Thomas R. Ancell, Assistant Superintendent, Business and Operations

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego: Danny Sherlock, President and Chief Executive Officer

Centinela Valley Union High School District: Gregory O’Brien, Superintendent

Chula Vista Elementary School District: Oscar Esquivel, Assistant Superintendent

College School District: James Brown, Superintendent

Coronado Unified School District: Keith Butler, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Del Mar Union School District: Dr. Holly McClurg, Superintendent

Earlimart School District: Sandra Rivera, Superintendent

Eastside Union School District: Dr. Mark Marshall, Superintendent

East Side Union High School District: Chris Funk, Superintendent

East San Gabriel Valley: Kathleen Calbert, Administrator

East Whittier City School District: Rick Holash, Chief Business Officer

El Monte Union High School District: Irella Perez, Superintendent

Encinitas Union School District: Danielle Brook, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Escondido Union School District: Michael Taylor, Assistant Superintendent

Garvey School District: Anita Chu, Superintendent

Hesperia Unified School District: David McLaughlin, Superintendent

Hughes Elizabeth Lakes Union School District: Steven Martinez, Superintendent/Principal

Keppel Union School District: Steve Doyle, Superintendent

Lawndale Elementary School District: Ellen Dougherty, Superintendent

Los Angeles County Office of Education: Alex Cherniss, Chief Business Officer

Mojave Unified School District: Keith Gainey, Chief Business Official

Monrovia Unified School District: Connie Wu, Chief Business Officer

National School District: Chris Carson, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

North San Diego Inland: Angie McNeece, Special Education Local Plan Area Administrator

Nuview Union School District: David Pyle, Superintendent

Ocean View School District: Gustavo Balderas, Superintendent

Perris Elementary School District: Tina Daigneault, Chief Business Official

Rowland Unified School District: Dr. Julie Mitchell, Superintendent

Saddleback Valley Unified School District: Dr. Clint Harwick, Superintendent

San Bernardino City Unified School District: David Doomey, Executive Director, Faculty Services

San Marcos Unified School District: Gary Hamels, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Santee School District: Karl Christensen, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Sonoma County Office of Education: Jeff Heller, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

South Pasadena Unified School District: Joel Shapiro, Superintendent

South Whittier School District: Mark Keriakous, Associate Superintendent, Human Resources

Sweetwater Union High School District: Dr. Ed Brand, Superintendent

Torrance Unified School District: Don Stabler, Deputy Superintendent, Chief Business Officer

Torrance Unified School District: Worked with Barnhard Balfour Beatty, Glynna Hoekstra, Executive VP, Business Operations

Warner Unified School District: Melissa Brown, Superintendent/Principal

West End SELPA: Susan Bobbitt-Voth, Administrator Special Education Local Plan Area

West San Gabriel Valley: Gail Crotty, Director

Wilsona School District: Teresa A. Grey, Superintendent