Safe Schools Conference July 18 in Garden Grove

We invite you to attend the 9th Annual Safe Schools Conference on July 18 – 20, 2018 in Garden Grove, CA. At this unique conference you will learn about the critical issues schools will be facing and cost-effective strategies to deal with these same issues. The conference will discuss the direct link between school safety, learning, attendance, and higher test scores. Go to http://safeschoolsconference.com/ and register now.

EH&A helps the District staff evaluate site conditions for safety and security improvements and incorporate projects into a Long Range Facilities Master Plans (LRFMP) to improve the safety of the students and staff and the security of the campuses. Our experienced Associates examine all parts of the school facility including perimeter fencing, gates and single point of entry, security glass in buildings near the entry to campuses, public access areas, mail and delivery locations, access points and pathway lighting, parking, bus and pedestrian traffic circulation. We have the expertise to review surveillance camera technology for campus monitoring and electronic and manual locking and key systems. Our team at EH&A may provide additional resources such as Protective Security Advisors with the US Department of Homeland Security and consult with private firms that specialize in school site safety to enhance the assessments of campuses. EH&A will subcontract with outside firms to provide the District with specified technical support, if necessary, to enhance the safety and security provisions of the LRFMP.