New $100M Full Day Kindergarten Facilities Grant Program

by Melinda Pure, Associate

If your Kindergarten classrooms are undersized, lacking restrooms, or otherwise don’t meet Title 5 design requirements, a new state grant program could provide funding for retrofitting or new classroom construction to provide districts with Title 5-compliant Kindergarten classrooms. The program is a matching program that will fund the upgrading (40% match) or replacement (50% match) of classrooms to house a district’s existing enrollment, but not for expansion of facilities. There will be two funding rounds, with applications being accepted in January 2019 and again in May. The district must already offer or plan to offer full-day Kindergarten.

A huge benefit of this program is that advance funding may be requested for design and site acquisition costs. Existing projects that recently began construction may also qualify if the construction contracts were signed on or after June 27, 2018. The SAB will approve final program regulations and forms for this new program on October 24, 2018. The program is only funded at $100 million, so time is of the essence to apply for this funding! EH&A’s associates can assist you in navigating the application requirements and submitting a timely application. Contact us now so we can help you be ready for the first funding window.