National School Leaders Release Report on Work Needed to Ensure Adequate Funding and Facilities are Ready for Future Students

Note from Eric Hall, President of EH&A: “We have invited one of the leading experts in school facilities to provide an introduction on am important study as a participant representing the National Council on School Facilities, Kathleen Moore has over 30 years of school facilities experience at the local, state and national level.  She was the Director of the School Facilities and Transportation Services of the California State Department of Education (CDE), where she served on the State Allocation Board representing the, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson. 

Ms. Moore previously served as the Director of Planning and Development for the Elk Grove Unified School District and served as President of the National Council on School Facilities and Chair of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH).  I was pleased to serve as Vice Chair of CASH, with Ms. Moore when she was the Chair, providing leadership to ensure the passage of a $13 billion facilities state bond, the largest school facilities bond in California history. We are pleased to have Ms. Moore as a guest to introduce this report to you and provide her thoughts on the importance of this collaborative work. “


National leaders launched the Planning for PK-12 Infrastructure Initiative in 2016 to formulate a systems-based plan to address the PK-12 infrastructure crisis.  This report presents findings from the Phase I national research engagement process to identify the challenges to adequacy and equity in PK-12 infrastructure and to propose an action plan. In California, we have grappled with these issues for many years, and although the successful passage of Proposition 51 continues to address our infrastructure crisis, there still remains much work to do to ensure adequate and equitable funding and facilities access for all California school children.

Led by U.C. Berkeley Center for Cities and Schools, the National Council on School Facilities, the 21st Century School Fund and the Center for Green Schools, a group of over 70 national experts in the field including Californians listed below convened over the course of 2016 to define problems, identify impacts, theorize causes and generate solutions and actions:

  • Brooks Allen, VP, Policy and Legal Affairs, Common Sense
  • Lettie Boggs, CEO, Colbi Technologies
  • Shirl Buss, Y-PLAN Creative Director, Center for Cites and Schools, UC Berkeley
  • John Dale, Chair, Committee on Architecture for Education and HED Architects
  • Sharon Danks, Green School Yards America
  • Lee Dulgeroff, Chief Facilities Planning and Construction Officer, San Diego Unified School District
  • Kate Gordon, Chair, Citizen’s Oversight Board, California Proposition 39
  • Juan Mireles, Director, California Department of Education
  • Kathleen Moore, National Council for School Facilities
  • Lori Raineri, President Government Financial Strategies
  • Bill Savidge, K-12 School Facilities and former Chief Executive Officer of State Allocation Board
  • Krisztina Tokes, Director of Planning, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Cynthia Uline, Professor Emeritus, Educational Leadership, San Diego State University
  • Don Ulrich, Assistant Superintendent, Facilities Services, Clovis Unified, and Chair of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing
  • David Walrath, President, Murdoch, Walrath & Holmes

Fifty-five priority actions are recommended to shift our PK-12 infrastructure systems to support adequate and equitable PK-12 infrastructure throughout the nation.  I invite you to review the recommendations listed in the executive summary under the categories of Governance and Decision Making, Operating and Capital Facilities Funding, Facilities Management, Facilities Planning, Data and Information, and Accountability and implement those within your sphere of influence.


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