Mandated Testing of Water for Lead at All Schools Could Be Coming Soon

If Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, D-San Diego, has her way, new legislation authored by her would require all school districts test for lead contamination in their water. AB 746 comes in response to multiple cases of water testing positive for lead in San Diego county and city schools. AB 1316 also aims to require lead testing for children.

Testing for lead in the water at schools in San Diego Unified has been an ongoing process. District officials updated the San Diego Unified School District Board recently on its lead sampling program for campus water. According to Board documents, the City and the school district plan to test all schools on district property for potential lead in drinking water by mid-June. With about 200 schools total to test, the district is about half-way through the process.

“Lead exposure has real consequences and it’s unacceptable that children and teachers could be poisoned by drinking from the water fountains at school. School districts need to be proactive in making sure their students and staff are drinking safe, lead-free water.” said Gonzalez Fletcher. “Protecting the health of our kids is our first priority, and right now, we don’t know if they are truly being protected from lead in their drinking water.”