Major CASH initiative strongly requests school leaders take action to demand that $3 billion of school bonds are released

Our schools are badly in need of repairs, and California voted YES to fund these repairs in 2016. But Governor Brown has included very little of that voter-approved funding in the state budget. The Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH) has built a website and organized a collaborative to take action on this imminent threat to the housing of CA’s students.

The time is now to tell your legislator to take action for our students. Our schools can’t wait for these essential repairs and upgrades. It is time to repair our schools now!

Visit Repair Our Schools Now at http://repairourschoolsnow.com/ and take 30 seconds to ask your legislator to demand that $3 billion of school bonds are released. Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees will have hearings in the coming weeks. Send your message NOW so your legislator knows how important the funding is to voters in advance of these critical discussions. Your message will be sent to your State Senator, Assemblymember, Governor and Lt. Governor from repairourschoolsnow.com. Your e-mail address will not be seen by recipients unless you select the authorize option.

Outdated schools place students in unsafe and unhealthy learning environments where they can’t do their best. There is a $3.2 billion backlog of projects waiting for this funding that are necessary for school safety. Without bond funding, schools will be forced to either delay and downsize critical projects or divert funds away from educational programming.

Voters approved the sale of bonds to repair, upgrade, and improve schools when we passed Proposition 51 in 2016. Governor Brown is delaying the sale of bonds for necessary school repairs. Rising inflation rates and construction costs mean that delaying the sale of bonds will cost Californians more in the future. If current trends continue, California taxpayers will pay nearly $1 billion more in interest costs for $1 billion less value under the Governor’s current proposal.