Introducing Our 2017 Eric Hall Scholarship Winner William Maas!

Faced with recent devastating life altering family issues and financial hardship, high school student from Sage Creek High School, William Maas, keeps his eye on his goal-attending the University of California Santa Barbara and earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

William has a love of solving problems and credits engineering as what keeps him on his toes and challenges him daily to not only do his best in his studies, but also be the best person he can be. Awarded the National Honors Society Member for keeping a high GPA, he is also a scholar athlete for 4 years, as well as served as his schools ASB President and Vice President.

William also spends time helping the less fortunate by serving in soup kitchens and reading to children at the Carlsbad City Library. He is also looking to help his family financially by finding part time employment.

We wish William the very best in his endeavors. He graduates June 15th. He has applied to many schools and currently awaits for their acceptance.