How bad will it be? One expert looks at K-12 budget cuts on the horizon

Bob Blattner, principal of Blattner & Associates, is a Sacramento-based education consultant who specializes in California school finance. This Week in California Education podcast co-hosts Louis Freedberg and John Fensterwald interviewed him about forecasts for an economic recession and the potential impact on school funding that the coronavirus will cause. You can listen to the podcast or read the lightly edited transcript.

Bob Blattner: It’s going to be really bad. It’s really bad already. One of the things that makes this so different from the Great Recession, which was awful, is we’re getting hammered from both sides as a result of COVID-19. Our revenues are tanking. Capital gains taxes are going to plummet and withholding taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes are all going to plummet. Yet on the other hand, we’re facing huge added expenses, taking care of the homeless population, for all of our PPE — personal protective equipment — all of those things. And so as our revenues are plummeting, it’s not like we have the ability to use all of our savings.

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Transcript of school consultant Bob Blattner’s podcast interview from EdSource