Extraordinary amount of time & expertise needed for Prop 39 requests: EH&A can help!

Proposition 39 (2000) is an annual process that requires school districts to make public school facilities available to charter schools. There are several deadlines that must be met by the school district when demands are made. This is a multi-step process and requires time and expertise from school district administrators. Charter schools have the right to request facilities from the school district in which they are serving students. And all school districts must make facilities available sufficient to house all of a charter school’s in-district students whether or not they are the authorizing district.

School district administrators should not wait for the requests to be submitted. EH&A can help you anticipate the receipt of a request, start to inventory your school sites to determine the existing programs and needs of the district, and begin development of a list of possible available space. EH&A is your one-stop company for Prop 39 and for many more facility or business office jobs that you may have the expertise for, but simply can’t find the time. Call or email us today and get your life back!