Everything you need to know about construction safety

Image by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay.

In the construction industry, there are inherent risks for workers, even on the safest of jobsites, which is why supervisors and safety personnel are encouraged to be vigilant in their efforts to identify and mitigate potentially dangerous situations, many times as work goes on around them.

Hazards can arise on any jobsite, so companies need to work to make sure that they are prepared for a range of threats, from struck-by accidents and falls to weather-related disasters and human errors.

Job No. 1 for busy construction managers is to ensure that their workers are safe. In this Trendline on Safety, Construction Dive editors take a look at the issues surrounding the ways to keep workers safe and on the job.

Read on for ideas that can help keep your jobsites hazard-free and productive.

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