COVID-19: preparing for widespread illness in your school community

Daniele Levis Pelusi-Unsplash

An open letter from EH&A Founder/President Eric Hall to our school district friends and colleagues…

Like all of you, we have spent the last few weeks learning about the COVID-19. We have all been following the news and events as this biological pandemic has disrupted our lives and filled the headlines. I know how difficult this crisis is for you as a District Leader. We recognize your inherent diligence and how the nature of your profession combined with your work ethic will keep your Business, Facilities, and HR functions current and active. As always, the EH&A team has evaluated the situation and researched information to better understand how this public health crisis affects our clients, colleagues, and our families. We are ready to assist you and your district team.

Many of you have issued travel warnings or restrictions. Major conferences and regional meetings have been cancelled or moved to an online format. Our Associates remain available to assist you with your ongoing challenges. While travel for our Associates is limited, teleconferencing and videoconferencing options for any size group are always available from EH&A.

Here are important links regarding schools and the COVID-19 pandemic including the Declaration of Emergency and emergency waivers for attendance loss:

At EH&A, we sincerely hope that these resources prove to be of some benefit to you. We also want to thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication in ensuring that our children return to a clean, safe, and secure environment, while at the same time doing everything possible for the District’s fiscal wellbeing. We fully understand that this may be as difficult a challenge as you’ve ever likely faced as a school district administrator, and at EH&A we remain committed to supporting you in any possible way.

Laurie and I and all of our Associates at EH&A wish you and your family good health and the patience to navigate this difficult sea. This too will pass as we keep our physical distance and yet come together in other ways with a common cause.

A personal thanks to our Associates Bob Nicholson, Barry Dragon, and Debi Deal who assisted me in researching this information and providing the referenced resources.