County Office Facility Planners Meeting Update for July 2018

State Allocation Board defers action on proposal to cease accepting applications

On Wednesday June 27, 2018 the State Allocation Board (Board) deferred action on a proposed regulation to cease accepting applications once bond authority has been exhausted. Approval of this proposal would essentially eliminate the School Facility Program (SFP) for projects outside of Proposition 51 bond authority. New Construction Proposition 51 bond authority is expected to be exhausted by October 2018, and Modernization bond authority is expected to be exhausted by September 2019.

Full-Day Kindergarten Facilities Grant Program

The budget includes a new program to provide $100 million (one-time non-Proposition 98 General Fund) for grants to fund full-day kindergarten facilities. The outline of the program is included in AB 1808, the education budget trailer bill.

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