Census Day for CALPADS is Wednesday October 2

By School Services of California, Inc. on September 20, 2019

The Census Day for the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Fall 1 collection is October 2 this year. Census Day requires each agency to take a snapshot of students enrolled as of that day and report specific information about the demographics and eligibility status for various programs. Included in the reporting are students who qualify as unduplicated pupils, which drives a significant portion of funding under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

Recall that students included in a local educational agency’s (LEA’s) unduplicated pupil count are those who are (1) low income as defined by eligibility for free and reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program, (2) English learners, or (3) foster/homeless youth. The unduplicated pupil count total is then divided by the LEA’s total enrollment, based on the Fall 1 certified enrollment reported in CALPADS as of the Census Day that derives the LEA’s unduplicated pupil percentage for purposes of the LCFF and other programs.

Also note that the unduplicated pupil percentage is based on a three-year rolling average. Any students who are missed in the current year submission will affect funding for the current and two subsequent years, so it’s important to ensure all students are properly classified.

A new component of the data submission this year is the inclusion of students with disabilities (SWDs). This is a departure from prior years where information for SWDs was reported in a December pupil count through the California Special Education Management Information System (CASEMIS). The CALPADS File Specification Manual defines SWDs as students receiving (or who have received) special education or related services according to their Individual Family Service Plan, Individualized Education Program, or Individual Service Plan or students who have been referred for services—and parental consent has been signed—but who have not yet had a meeting to determine eligibility for services.

The LEA responsible for reporting the special education enrollment for SWDs is the district of service, that is, the LEA providing a majority of instruction and special education services.

Additional information about the transition from CASEMIS to CALPADS can be accessed on the California Department of Education’s website by clicking here and here.

The certification period for the Fall 1 collection closes on December 20, 2019. The 2019–20 CALPADS reporting calendar can be accessed by clicking here.