Assembly Democrats unveil 2020-21 budget blueprint

The Assembly Democrats released their 2020-2021 budget blueprint this week with the theme “Embracing Progress, Securing the Future.” The blueprint highlights the top issues the Caucus will prioritize in the new legislative session. They acknowledged that despite an expected surplus, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) recommends no more than $1 billion in ongoing spending and $4 billion in total spending.

Proposed budget priorities included the following for education:

Early Care and Education

  • Provide funding for Preschool Facilities
  • Expand access to early care and education programs

K-12 and Higher Education

  • Help K-12 schools deal with funding needs and improve California’s special education program.
  • Increase higher education access at CSU
  • Add California student enrollment at UC
  • Reform financial aid


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