Analysis: Gut-check Moment for School Superintendents — Toxic Politics, Demands for New Services, Struggles to Deliver Basics Make ‘Impossible Job’ Harder than Ever

By Travis Pillow & Bree Dusseault, The 74

Amid all the concern about staffing shortages in America’s schools, the continued strain is showing up in another key place: at the top.

Eight of the country’s 10 largest urban school districts have seen superintendent turnover since the coronavirus started disrupting public education in February 2020. Of the two that remain, one — Jesus Jara in Clark County, Nevada — was fired by his school board, only to be reinstated. The other, Barbara Jenkins of Orange County, Florida, recently announced her retirement. Big cities like Boston, Seattle and Philadelphia are also on the hunt for new school system leaders.

This story was produced by The 74, a non-profit, independent news organization focused on education in America.