Alert! The Prop 39 Energy Expenditure Plan Due Date is February 26

The California Energy Commission has issued a final reminder that the last date to submit energy expenditure plans to them is February 26, 2018. This is the final opportunity to request Proposition 39 funding. If a LEA has award allocation remaining, now is the time to apply by submitting an energy expenditure plan (EEP) to the Energy Commission. All amendments requesting additional Proposition 39 K-12 grant funding are also due by February 26.

After February 26, 2018, the Energy Expenditure Plan Online System will not accept new energy expenditure plans or amendments requesting additional Proposition 39 funding. However, amendments for adjustments to approved EEPs that do not request additional funding will continue to be accepted after February 26, 2018. Rules regarding amendments that document significant EEP changes are outlined in the program guidelines.

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Click here for more information on Prop 39 and current guidelines in a summary whitepaper written by our expert Bob Nicholson, Vice President of EH&A.