2022-23 Governor’s Budget Summary: Historic Funding for Education

The approved $308 billion governor’s budget includes a significant increase in funding for K-12 programs.

Budget includes:
  • Proposes approximately $1.3 billion one-time General Fund in 2022-23 and $925 million one-time General Fund in 2023-24 to support new construction and modernization projects through the School Facility Program.
  • Total funding of $119 billion ($70.5 billion General Fund and $48.5 billion other funds) for all K-12 education programs.
  • A LCFF cost-of-living adjustment of 5.33%.
  • K-12 per-pupil funding totals $15,261 Proposition 98 General Fund – highest level ever – and $20,855 per-pupil when accounting for all funding sources.
  • A payment of $3.1 billion in 2022-23 into the Public School System Stabilization Account, resulting in a total balance of more than $9.2 billion with 2020-21 and 2021-22 payments.

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